Thursday, December 9, 2010

Local: Straight Pride Movement a Joke

A recent article struck my attention, while thumbing through the Daily Evergreen, with the title, “Straight Pride Movement a Joke”. I read through it and was shocked to be reading about the Youth for Western Civilization (YWC) and WSU Republicans associating and supporting the “Straight Pride Movement”. I did not know one existed, and agreed with the writer, asking myself why there even is one? The YWC group is brining awareness for the heterosexual lifestyle, but I did not know that there was need for any. Heterosexuals have more rights, are socially accepted and have no serious ramifications for being heterosexual, while homosexuals are harassed and discriminated for being who they are. Phil Tignino, the president of YWC was quoted staying, “We wanted one simple moth for our little niche too...Youth for Wester Civilization and College Republicans have and will continue to present a refreshingly traditional political viewpoint.” It is this kind of this ignorant mentality that our society has stuck in their minds that gives need to supporting programs and recognized events such as “It Gets Better Project” and The Gay Pride Movement; because the homosexual society does need support and it is sad that some, will poke fun at such a thought as equality and declare the month of November as a legit movement to bring awareness to a large majority in our society, as if it is a minority.

-Tyler Brooks

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